Quality & Safety

Putting Safety And Traceability First

Dongsheng Foods is a vertically integrated grower-processor. We are located in the heart of the world’s largest garlic growing region, Shandong Province. Our managing team has over 60 years combined experience in vegetable selection and processing, overseeing every facet of the supply chain. Vertical integration means we have a 100% chain of custody, ensuring complete transparency and immediate traceability. Our products are robust, with proven quality and documented consistency

Our modern laboratory conducts extensive analysis to verify all lots are within predetermined limits, plus ensuring they meet the requirements of each and every customer. The corresponding COA is enclosed with each shipment. Customers have the option of subjecting products to independent 3rd-party verification, either to confirm readings or expand the analytical scope. Lots are optimally sized for efficient material management, and to mitigate any possibility of latent risk.

  • Fields registered with China authorities, once safe metal and residue readings are confirmed
  • Field sections pinpoint exact crop location, uniquely identifying every lot number
  • Manage water purity, fertilizer types, applications, farming practices, storage and transport
  • Achieve sustainability using an “Integrated Systems Perspective” adhering to SAC codes
  • Utilize Muddy Boots™ software to ensure compliance – upload systematic reports using mobile devices
  • Track and test raw material, arrival time, sort date, clean date and production date
  • RM arrival date, manufacture date, and pack date with shift codes are lot identified
  • Test all incoming raw material for residues, pathogens, micros and heavy metals

Sustainability Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Integrity starts at the farm and is at the core of all our endeavors. Integrity, evidenced by a steadfast commitment to execute in accord with ever more rigorous protocols, define us.

Every profession bears the responsibility to understand the circumstances that enable its existence.    ~ Robert Gutman

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